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Chris Cartwright - Elim General Superintendant

"Heavens Gates & Hells Flames has been such a powerful outreach tool for so many years. I have personally witnessed many people coming to faith through this ministry coming into the local church. The new version has taken it to a whole new level in terms of production quality and dramatic impact. I encourage you to consider having 'Heavens Gates' in your church as you seek to reach out to your community."

Pastor Edwin Cotter crop.jpg
Pastor Edwin Cotter - Silverdale Elim Church

"We were blown away...use this great tool for evangelism, it will bless you and bless your people. It will draw your church closer together in unity and focus them with a heart for evangelism. You will see lost souls come to Christ "

Listen to Pastor Edwin's full story of many lives changed in the video below.

Also listen to Pastor Clyde from Victory Church, Cwmbran tell of their experience.

Robert Armstrong was invited to Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames by his granddaughter who was taking part in the production at Armagh Elim Church. He made all kinds of excuses because he hated church, especially their pentecostal church, but eventually he came with his wife because it was their granddaughter asking.

Robert tells how before it even started he was thinking about how he could escape. He was quite cynical about the drama at first but then as it developed he began to question "were would I go if I suddenly lost my life tonight?".

Robert Armstrong.jpg

At the altar call there was a real battle between him and God and eventually he and his wife both came forward to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

As head of the family Robert was keen to share what had happened to him with the rest of the family. Over the next three nights of presentations a total of 10 members of that family gave their lives to Christ then in the following months over 20 members of the family received Christ.

Robert now serves in leadership in the church while his daughter Shirley went to bible college and has led women's ministry and Sunday school classes.

We praise God for His amazing grace over this family.

Georgina and David crop.jpg

Georgina had been praying for her husband David to accept Christ for over 20 years. Coming home from a busy day at work she remembered the production Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames was playing at their church, Victory Church in Cwmbran. She quickly got ready and called out to her husband to ask if he would like to come too, he did.

Georgina tells how she was quite cynical about all the silver foil and drama sketches and really didn't think it would be David's thing.

Throughout the evening she kept saying to God "you won't save my husband through this". David, however, was saying to God "well this is really clear, I can't sit on the fence any longer".

At the altar call we always ask for husbands, wives etc. to ask the person they are with if they would like to come forward and receive Jesus. During this invitation Georgina was saying to God "David won't do this, I know he won't" but David was saying "God if you want me to come to you then cause Georgina to ask me". Out of a sense of duty Georgina turned and asked him and to her surprise he said yes.

David has since been baptised and is now a regular member of the church. Hear their story in the video below.

Listen to cast members from Victory Church telling their own stories of God's grace.

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